Monday, February 18, 2013

Clowning with the SPESSialist

That girl must be a Christian/
Looks like heaven in those Louboutins/
Praying to Yves Saint Laurent/
I don't look crimson 'cause she's a ten.

Girl, tonight I'm on my Drake and on one/
Why don't we do some math and get the total done/
You wearing that Hermès dressed to the nines/
And you got me saying you a dime and you so fine.

Girl you look fresher than an Easter Lilly/
Your flair could write a novel in that Pulitzer/
And here's a new idea, pardon me for being silly/
But let's Van Gogh this and head where the tulips are.

En na Den Haag, oui, et ça va merci/
Première Arrondissement, et le Galeries/
And let me show you, baby, Louis is overrated/
While we fall in love letting Paris narrate it.

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